Don’t name their experience for them. Give them agency. Let them forge their own path.

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A meadow of purple flowers. Photo by Click and Learn Photography on Unsplash

TW: this piece includes brief descriptions of abuse, manipulation, and sexual assault

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a fact I was reminded of today when I walked past a church absolutely smothered in shiny purple DV awareness ribbons. I’m usually not one for “awareness” days or months, their sentimentality always rings false to me, but seeing the church ablaze in purple gave me a sudden trauma flashback.

All at once I was transported back to 2010, when I was caught up in an abusive relationship but wasn’t ready to admit it yet. Back then, seeing a such a glaring reminder of my abuse would have sent me spiraling into self-doubt and denial for the rest of the day. …

When the systems have failed you, personal responsibility is hard.

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Photo by Kobby Mendez on Unsplash.

Winter is descending upon Chicago, and all my quarantine coping mechanisms are dying like the leaves. The skies are gray and a cool slick wetness covers everything. The coffee shop whose patio I sat at all summer is closed. I still try to find someplace outside to sit and write, but when I do, my joints get stiff and a chill slowly seeps into my core. The lake is frigid. The parks are muddy and devoid of people.

To share a drink in the backyard with a couple of friends, I need a parka and layers of blankets. To find privacy I have to hide at the topmost floor of my apartment’s dusty stairwell. To get any work done I have to brave a bus dotted with unmasked people, and ride it eight miles south to my ghost town of an office. …

Autistic Advice #1: A New Column by a Neurodiverse Psychologist

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Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash

Welcome to Autistic Advice, a new, semi-regular column where I respond to questions about neurodiversity, Autism acceptance, and disability rights from Autistic people and their allies. For the past month or so, I’ve had a Curious Cat question box open, and have accepted questions from educators, parents, and Autistic people themselves. You can anonymously send me questions there as well.

Before we dive in, a bit about me: I am a 32-year-old Autistic person who didn’t realize they were on the spectrum until their mid-20’s. My whole family is full of people with Autism-spectrum traits of one kind or another, and at this point in my life I socialize with fellow neurodiverse people almost exclusively. On Medium, I’ve written extensively about my experiences, and the experiences of other adult Autistics whom I’ve interviewed. …


Devon Price

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