A very short post on why bisexual people suffer such high rates of domestic violence and discrimination.

Did you know that bisexual people experience the highest rates of domestic violence and suffer some of the worst mental health outcomes of all queer people?

Why is this? We don’t know for sure, but theories posit that bisexual people are likelier to be slut-shamed both by straight AND queer people, are pressured into sexual encounters they don’t want because of their bisexuality, and are unlikely to enjoy the feelings of community and belongingness that other gay people enjoy. Much of the abuse bisexual people receive comes from within their relationships.

When I learned about these statistics, I remembered times when ex-partners of mine tried to pressure me into three ways or harassed me after I expressed to them that I thought I might be bi. One ex even took pictures of me without my consent and tried to use them in Craiglist ads, seeking a 3rd person to have a three way with us. He did this repeatedly, despite my protests, and implied that if I didn’t want to have a threesome, I must not actually be bi. I know lots of other bi people with similar stories.

Bisexual people are also less visible in media, less likely to come out of the closet, and more likely to believe that they do not belong in the LGBT community or deserve to have a voice in queer spaces. Often, bisexual people have had past experiences of being told they do not belong in LGBT spaces because they are dating a heterosexual person, or because they have “straight passing” privilege.

Erasure of identity is not privilege. Exclusion takes a hefty toll. Keep these things in mind if you happen to spot what you think is a straight couple at Pride.

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