Abortion Rights are Under Serious Attack in Ohio

Today, the Ohio Senate voted in favor of HB 493, which contains in it a provision banning abortion past 6 weeks. SIX WEEKS. MOST PEOPLE DO NOT EVEN KNOW THEY ARE PREGNANT AT SIX WEEKS.

This six-week abortion ban was tacked onto and hidden inside an otherwise benign-seeming bill regarding reporting procedures for child abuse and neglect cases. This development came after an explicitly and entirely anti-abortion bill failed to pick up traction in the house last year.

This bill is going to the Ohio House of Representatives today, after which it will pass Governor Kasich’s desk.

Call 614–466–3555 and implore Ohio Governor Kasich to veto this 6-week abortion ban.

Here’s a script from me to you:

“Hello Governor Kasich, my name is [ ] and my address is [address, I gave my Ohio one]. I am calling to implore you to veto HS493. My concern about this bill is the 6-week abortion ban. At six weeks, most people are not even aware they are pregnant, thus the passage of this bill would prevent many desperate pregnant people from obtaining necessary abortions.

Abortion is the most common medical procedure young women undergo, and they make this choice for so many valid reasons. By banning abortion past six weeks, you will endanger the lives of women whose pregnancies have complications, women in abusive relationships who need to escape their abusers, teenagers who would be kicked out of their homes for getting pregnant, women in poverty who cannot afford to raise children, and many many others. By banning abortion past six weeks, you are ensuring that many people will need to cross state lines or attempt illegal, unsafe home abortions in order to terminate their pregnancies. If you allow this bill to go forward, there will be blood on your hands.

I will be checking back in with your office about this issue. Please do contact me about this. My address is [address again], and my phone number is [phone number].”

After you’ve left a message, FOLLOW UP. Staffers have consistently indicated that following up on a call helps.

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