Ah, and we’re back to calling people lazy for not doing something, aren’t we? Albeit implicitly. I don’t think most people are incurious or lacking in humility and empathy because they are unwilling to make the investment — I think most of us have not been taught to think this way, and are generally cognitively and emotionally exhausted every day. It is hard to be curious and reflective about all people. Hell, even I don’t do it every day! I’m ungenerous in how I evaluate people all the time. But I know it happens because I’m tired, I’m running on all cylinders, I’m distracted, and I don’t have the time or mindfulness to remember to do it, not because of a moral failing. We all need to slow down and demand less of ourselves. When we give our lives more room to breathe, we become more able to see other people in a generous light.

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