Before I came out, I used to hate read your detrans blog, and the social media accounts of many of the people that were friends with you and looked up to you. Well, maybe hate read isn't the right term -- I had no hate for you in my heart. But I read through detrans blogs because I was so worried I'd regret my own transition, and that I was actually just delusional, and I used blogs that affirmed those fears as a way to self harm, basically. It wasn't your fault that I did those things - I was going to seek out that ideology and pick at that mental scab, with or without your writing to do it. I see you and I as victims of the exact same social problems, and as people who were suffering from the same public ignorance and internalized transphobia. I'm so happy to hear you have gotten to a place where you don't have to brainwash yourself anymore, and I'm really grateful to you for writing this.

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