Data Shows Most People Are Taking COVID Very Seriously

Time to give your faith in humanity a booster shot

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Two people chatting outside, wearing masks and social distancing. Photo by Kate Trifo on Unsplash
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A post from Dr. Samantha Yammine’s Instagram earlier this week, explaining that lockdown is supposed to be “Plan E” in fighting a pandemic.

Evidence that a majority people are taking COVID seriously and behaving very responsibly:

1. Disney World’s Reopening Flopped

2. People Are Avoiding All Amusement Parks

3. People Are Avoiding Restaurants

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“A recent survey by research firm Datassentials, for instance, found that 58% of those surveyed described themselves as “uncomfortable” with dining indoors, and 36% described themselves as “very uncomfortable.””

4. People Are Avoiding Gyms

5. Movie Theaters Are Empty

6. People Opted to Socially Distance Before They Had To

7. Historical Data Shows People Were Responsible During the Spanish Flu, Too

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