Getting an adult diagnosis is difficult. Especially for women and those perceived as women. For what it’s worth, I and many other Autistic people fully support adult self-diagnosis. If the diagnostic criteria strike a chord with you, and you benefit from tips and resources for Autistic people, and you feel a connection with Autistic people, and if self-assessments also tend to point in that direction, you’re as Autistic as anybody who was formally assessed and diagnosed.

Of course, you may still wish to seek out a formal diagnosis for a variety of reasons. A lot of people do find it validating, and find it easier to “come out” to other people if they have a formal diagnosis. In terms of access to resources, it kind of varies — if you think a formal diagnosis will make it easier for you to get access to them, then it makes sense to continue seeking a Dx out. A lot of the best Autism resources are peer-led and open to self-Dx folks though.

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