“Grace” was anonymous. Of. Course. She. Has. Disappeared. I’m sure she would have disappeared into the ether even if her allegations hadn’t been somewhat bungled by Babe.net and she hadn’t been met with a torrent of abuse and doubt from people who, like you, don’t want to believe that a beloved comedian is capable of coercion and assault.

It seems you don’t want to believe the Ansari accusations because you don’t think assault can look like the indirectly violent coercion “Grace” experienced. You also don’t want to believe that my assault experiences were assault. That’s pretty clearly motivated, biased cognition in action; that you keep returning to my work to argue with me about it indicates you’re really, really motivated to not believe victims of my kind. I hope you investigate why that is.

I believe that you are capable of being more logical than you are currently being. You’re using my empathy for “Grace” as an excuse to doubt tons of really well-validated and document accusations against other people, which you must know is illogical and absurd. The two have nothing to do with one another. I didn’t investigate or provide initial reporting on any of these crimes. Again, it seems as though you are reaching for whatever easy justification will allow you to believe the world as not as permeated with assault as victims like I claim it is. That is not an objective way to look over and weigh the evidence. You can do better than that.

Leave me alone dude. Go figure out why you feel compelled to argue with survivors about their experiences. If you’re feeling such strong emotions about this matter, you probably have untold depths worth exploring. You care about this stuff. Enough to be enraged by it. I hope that you can put that energy into something productive and enriching, and maybe learn a little.

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