Hi Morgane, while it’s true that my perspective is very much colored by my nonbinary identity, the fact remains that many, many binary trans people will also never pass as cis. Fighting for broader social acceptance is the surest road to helping all of us.

I should also note that none of this negates the desire or need to take any kind of physical or medical transition steps — I support any trans person in determining for themselves if they need hormones, top surgery, ffs, bottom surgery, hairline surgery, anything at all that will help them feel more comfortable. These steps are often deeply affirming as much as they also make life easier and safer for a trans person. That affirmation doesn’t exist outside of a social vaccum. And that’s okay! It’s not like my gender ideals/dysphoria/etc exists outside of social forces either. We all should do what helps us feel gender euphoric and right.

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