I agree with you completely. The internet has not only made disagreements more performative, but they have also made them so much more numerous and disconnected. There are so many people out there, all seemingly fighting and sniping and tossing off poorly thought-out ideas. (This is not the reality of course, not everyone is like this, it just looks that way bc of how the internet and algorithms work). I think going more slowly, and having much fewer conversations is essential. I really only have a really in depth conversation with an ignorant person like, once a week? Maybe? And then, it's usually via DMs or via video/voice chat, so I can really dig in with the person. I can't fight every ignorant person in the comments section of every post. I think my more outgoing and extroverted friends might have more energy to engage, but I know my patience is a limited resource, and that when I try to educate someone when I am thin on patience, I do more harm than good probably.

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