I just read your response to Juan’s reply on this — and it looks like you backpedaled on your initial message already. Here you said equality has been achieved, but in your second message you say equality is impossible, only equal protection under the law is. Your logic is really murky.

As your own (second) post acknowledges, changing hearts and minds and achieving equality of outcome is a far cry different from passing a law (or overturning a law, in the case of gay marriage rights in America). Trans people are not protected under the law. Gay marriage is only legal because the court overrode the numerous states that are filled with people who’d prefer to discriminate legally against gay people. Laws are still being promoted on the Federal level that would allow businesses to discriminate against LGBTQ people. Hate crimes against trans women remain harrowingly abundant. I can’t write a benign piece about my own relationships without having someone butt in and complain that…what? I’m being too loud about being queer since gay marriage is legal?

How is your comment even relevant? I’m not even talking about the oppression of LGBT people in this piece…yet you felt the need to jump in and assert that since gay marriage is legal, I have no need to write about myself. It makes no sense. I can’t understand what your point or intention is, other than that you find these issues irritating because maybe you don’t like queer people? Your second comment suggests that you have some moral or personal disgust to work through, and that perhaps is motivating you? I’m curious. Why did you feel the need to leave that comment? What did it have to do with anything? I generally assume that a person has a good-faith reason to reach out, even if it’s not something I can figure out from reading their message.

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