I love how the way you’ve written this suggests that I, or someone else, is trying to force you to always bring up, constantly, that QT is a creep. What a bad faith positioning of my argument! This is not a binary. You don’t have to refuse to discuss a topic unless someone else brings it up, *or* be forced to talk about it every single time someone mentions something tangentially related. Like, obviously.

But also…why don’t you want to ever ever ever every bring up QT’s past on your own? That seems a little questionable to me. I don’t think you should be expected to bring it up constantly, but why are you so so poised to forget? Why are you likening critique of a book or film to killing an actual human?

Your attitude is exactly the kind that I”m pushing up against in this piece. Some people seem to think critique is outrageous and too annoying or painful to regularly endure. It’s not. It’s not hard to acknowledge that QT has done some bad stuff and made some excellent films. Nobody, least of all not me, is pushing you to speak about his actions ad nauseam. But the fact that you *feel* like I am is telling. It suggests you still feel uncomfortable with the acknowledgement of these things. We shouldn’t forget them. But nobody is forcing you to think about them all the time.

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