I'm a big fan of the finance blogger and self-identified Stoic Mr Money Mustache. His blog is full of kind of laughably individualistic attempts at Stoicism: he lifts weights outside in the winter, he takes cold showers to save on his heating bill and to become tough, all this silly stuff. But he also talks about personal finance in a way that I find kind of hopeful and empowering, because it does make a tenable future seem like something that is in my control. The problem with all of it, sadly, is that Mr Money Mustache retired at age 30 because he spent a couple years pulling in six figure salaries in Silicon Valley. So his entire philosophy of self determination and thrift is incredibly, painfully privileged and often downright oblivious to suffering. Yet I still like reading it! I love how your piece nails this tension. Stoicism has its appeal, and sometimes is useful, but it can't fix the big problems; at best it is a balm for those privileged enough to practice it.

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