I’m not sure if any of O’Reilly’s victims went to the police; I don’t think there is an evidence that any did. They tried to resolve it internally; most of the time when people are sexually harassed at work, they’re told to go to HR with a complaint; it’s hard to prosecute sexual assault of all kinds, especially if it’s something that doesn’t leave physical marks (O’Reilly’s acts were mostly verbal harassment, which isn’t even necessarily illegal in all circumstances). I’m glad your daughter was able to ward off people who made her uncomfortable, and that her actions worked. Not everyone is capable of doing that, or has such a fortunate result…I certainly wish she had not been harassed in the first place. Unfortunately, when places like Fox brush such incidents under the rug, they make it easier for such actions to continue unabated. If only Fox had given O’Reilly the black eye that your daughter gave the person who was hassling her!

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