It sounds like you found the mental effort of some tasks aversive, and that you couldn’t see the value in investing time in them. If a person fails to do something because they do not see the value in doing that thing, they’re not being lazy, they’re being pretty rational given the information they have available. (it’s just that their appraisal of value might be wrong or misinformed). Sounds like you needed a new mindset in order to make doing some tasks both bearable and seem worth the time and energy investment. I’m not gonna call that lazy. That, to me, is yet another example of a person needing supports and adjustments. I’m not gonna agree with anybody who comes to the comments of this piece to drag themselves or someone else — there are always reasons and limitations, and nobody who fails to do stuff is an inherently lazy person. I’m glad you found the mental framework that made getting some hard/dull tasks doable for you. You don’t have to beat yourself up for the times when you weren’t able to do them, though.

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