Laziness may have a moral judgment embedded in it in most cases, but that doesn’t mean the very immoral act is lazy… murdering someone is not a lazy act. A highly organized, meticulously executed heist is not a lazy act…something that is difficult, requires planning and executive functioning, requires sustained effort, and can only be embarked on through one’s own initiative, is, by its very definition, not lazy. Even when it goes against commonly accepted values.

Payment and effort are not inherently linked in our economic system. Lots of people make more money than corresponds to their effort level, often through shady means. Someone who puts a ton of effort into a heist or scam is not lazy, they’re greedy, and selfish, and inconsiderate…just as is someone who buys the patent to a medication and jacks up the price for it. Both are people who have used means to inflate their income beyond what is fair based on effort…but the problem is that they are exploiting other people, not that they are lacking in motivation and agency.

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