maybe 19th century medicine is true

my uterus is scurrying frantically around the insides of my body, squirming past lungs and kidneys, dragging its slimy viscera across the backs of my teeth. it is curling up on itself and then exploding in a flurry of activity. it is winding up my spine and dragging itself across my brain. it is doing loop-de-loops around my liver, making me mad. Mad in the oldest sense — filled with need that knows no sense. It consumes me with hysteria. it fills me with an unshakable thirst. it makes my soma vibrate with a lustful need. it is a desire as old as human kind. no, older. it is as old as social mammalian life itself.

yes, friends, i have denied this reality, this longing for too long. but here it is, louder than ever, demanding that i speak it. the clock has rung. i have a biological need for a baby teddy guinea pig

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