Nobody is arguing that you should be required to use TWs and punished for not using them. And no schools, functionally, have a policy remotely approaching that. And when TWs are used, they do not lead to the removal of material. That said, if I were teaching biology and a student asked me to TW evolution because of their beliefs, I would feel uncomfortable with that, too. Especially if I thought they were doing it because of their ideology, not because of their emotional or psychological needs. I completely understand how that scenario is bracing. My default is to presume competence and good faith when a student is requesting an accommodation. I would never ask a student to prove to me that a topic is traumatic. I don’t think I have the right to determine whole-cloth whether a trigger is legit or not. A lot of people have weird-sounding triggers out there. So, to answer your question, I would provide a TW for that student, because it’s a one-sentence warning with no value judgment. But I do not believe you should be forced to.

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