Oh my gosh, me too! My traumas are very different as someone who was a closeted trans kid growing up in the 90’s and aughts, but my lord, so much of my writing traces back to traumatic experiences and how they have shaped me, in ways both terrible and good. Trauma can do such awful things to a person, but sometimes, with the right supports, post-traumatic growth can really help a person to be gentle, receptive, and humble in beautiful ways, and I see so much of that in the pieces of yours that I’ve read today. That’s not to say trauma or suffering is ever justified, of course — I suppose what I mean is that you clearly have done a lot to nurture yourself and bring love into the world, despite all the pain you’ve experienced and loss that you’ve witnessed. On good days, I strive to be the same way, but there are certainly times when I am acting more out of anger and sadness.

And yes, it is so incredible to see today’s LGBTQ+ kids living more openly and happily, and experiencing so much less trauma than even I did when I was growing up 15 years ago. It’s so healing to me, seeing queer kids being cared for properly and loving themselves.

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