The Psychology Department of Loyola University Chicago has requested I make the following public statement.

I previously posted incorrect or misleading statements pertaining to my more senior faculty member who co-authored a paper I published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology titled “When Self-Perceptions of Expertise Increase Closed-Minded Cognition: The Earned Dogmatism Effect” (Ottati, Price, Wilson, Sumaktoyo, 2015). The following statements are correct. A researcher requested that the authors of this paper provide experimental materials for SOME of the experiments in the paper, which the researcher wanted to replicate. My more senior faculty member (not I) encouraged and instructed his co-authors to send the researcher materials for ALL of the experiments in the paper. As attested by the researcher who requested the materials, my more senior faculty member was cooperative in sharing experimental materials, helping this researcher perform his replication experiments, and helping this researcher publish his work.

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