Take a walk, call your reps: My holiday season sanity survival plan

Protip for when you get too pissed with your relatives to continue calm political discourse: go on a walk and call your state reps/senators, etc while you do.

One thing that *can* potentially separate us from the ignorant people who have blithely ablated this country is that we can proactively give a shit. I don’t have to be like my fucking uncle who spouts ill-informed garbage from the couch. Like, yeah, I’ll try and reason with him, but I’ll also be better than him. By being engaged. By giving a fuck.

Last night I paced my grandparents’ Orwellian gated community, fuming, calling Amnesty International, the Army Corp of Engineers, ND Governor Jack Dalrymple, and the National Guard about Standing Rock. If shit pops off again today, I’m going to call my Reps & Senators again about Trump’s more fucked cabinet appointments. When I get home, I’m writing hand-written letters pleading for my reps & senators to defend the ACA, abortion rights, LGBT rights, and the freedoms of Muslims.

My grandpa will just keep saying dumb shit on the couch and doing nothing else. People who couldn’t be bothered to research their vote won’t be bothered to do any additional shit to keep the world from collapsing. But those of us who have shit to lose, and who care, can do better. And that is a hopeful note, believe it or not.

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