Thank you so much for writing this. I’ve been following #MeToo fervently, and focusing in particular on how male victims (and victims of women assailants) are treated, and somehow even I missed this case. That itself is really telling. I love the line about how men like Fraser and Crews coming forward challenges the notion that #MeToo is an act of feminist hysteria; I wish women embraced these men for that reason (and, you know, because of baseline empathy). Instead I’ve seen a lot of women, including survivors, overlook male victims, because of some warped gender stereotypes and because female victims are easier for them to identify with. It is so self-defeating, short-sighted, and more importantly, immoral. Thank you for working to remind us all that sexual assault is not a simple phenomenon with one kind of victim and one kind of attacker.

This writing is also super important to me as a sexual assault survivor who is not female. So, thank you. Keep up the awesome work.

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