Thank you so so much for taking the time to share your expertise and lend some support to this project, Rashmi! I’m so grateful. You’re right, I have been on a triphasic pill — it’s interesting to hear that it is an “old fashioned” option. I wonder why I’ve been on this option so consistently over the years, if it’s considered a bit outmoded? Every time I’ve told a new gyno that I was on generic ortho tri-cyclen, they’ve said some version of “Oh, good, I like that one, very few people have problems on that one.” So I’m surprised (but feel very validated) to hear there are some known potential issues with them.

Relatedly, I have rarely had any control over, or insight into, which generic my insurer provides me — sometimes what pill I’ve received has switched in the middle of a prescription period, even (I’ve gotten Tri-Estarylla one month, Tri-Sprintec the next, and then back again). I’ve definitely noticed mood & acne effects related to switching between triphasic pills. Yet even when I’ve tried to tell a Doc exactly which generic I’ve wanted, I haven’t been able to consistently get it.

I have read up on the side effects you’ve described, including the increased bleeding, and I’m going to try to weather that storm for 6 months, at least, to give my body time to adjust. Of course, if those or other side effects happen to be too intense for me, it’s good to know I have BC pill options that are less likely to affect my moods as intensely.

Thank you so much!

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