Thanks for this. As you said, I think UofC’s fighting a strawman here, perhaps knowingly so. I don’t think you should be forced to TW every conceivable thing ahead of time, or even be required to use TWs at all. I think you (and every educator) should know what they are, learn to respect mentally ill and disabled students, use them as you deem appropriate, and be receptive to student requests. When a student asks to not have to write equations in a math class, they’re asking for a lot more than a TW. If a student has a math anxiety and wants a TW before an assignment that involves writing equations comes out (but still is capable of doing the assignment), I don’t see any reason not to provide the TW verbally to the class, give everyone the assigment, and hold the student with the trigger to the same standards as anyone else. When a TW request involves getting out of doing some coursework, it’s not just a TW request anymore. A TW itself is almost always easy to throw out verbally or on slides.

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