Thanks for this thoughtful and detailed response!

I have not seriously considered fetility monitoring. For me, I feel like the “rhythm method” was tried for centuries and failed a lot of people pretty severely. I know we have better tools for tracking fertility these days, and I do have close, respected friends who use the method, but it seems far far too troublesome and entirely too risky for me to seriously consider. For me, there is also a gender dysphoria aspect to fertility monitoring that makes it especially undesirable. I do not want to track my ovulation and fertility. I don’t want to have to attend to my body in that way on a daily basis. Even the idea that I am physically capable of getting pregnant is a dysphoric and upsetting idea. I would feel too much like a brood mare if I had to keep track of that stuff every day. Plus it’s just a hassle. So you can imagine how appealing an “install it and forget it” approach to BC is.

That said, I am sure there are a lot of people reading this who will benefit from your suggestions and all these resources! It’s not the right fit for me but I know people who have chosen to go that route who are very happy with it. There are so few non-hormonal options, and so many people in want of them!

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