Devon Price
2 min readApr 12, 2023

Thanks for your reporting, James. Every year I join many of my peers in eye-rolling at the Budweiser-sponsored floats at the Pride Parade when it floats by -- along with many of the other banks, insurance companies, airlines, and other corporations who are more than happy to align themselves with us within our own spaces, in order to capture a little of our market share, while turning around and also appealing to our enemies at every chance they get.

I know what a relief it can be to see these massive, mainstream companies openly supporting us -- the first time Target had pronoun buttons for sale in their store, I got a bit teary, because I never dreamed I'd live in a world where people like me were so broadly legible. When I'm at Disneyland with my family and I see trans flag colored Mickey pins, I think of the young trans kids who will see themselves reflected in those items and it moved me, because I remember the days when even selling *any* rainbow swag at all, no matter how covert, was undesirable for many companies. But those feel-good corporate branding moments so rarely translate into any material change that helps us.

Disney's behavior reminds me of Starbucks' -- a widely popular company with a particular, progressive brand identity that happily hires queer employees and offers to pay for trans employees' surgeries -- but which will just as eagerly turn back and renege on that offer and strip employees of healthcare benefits when they attempt to unionize. It all comes down to profits and expenses, so I can't really be surprised. But I know many people don't yet see these motives so clearly, and it's really important to highlight.

Devon Price

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