The idea that your support of an artist “doesn’t matter” is demonstrably false if there is any money/compensation involved. Feeling affection in your heart for Woody Allen’s work, for example, doesn’t have an impact on others’ external reality; buying tickets to his films and buying DVDs of them lines his pocket, albeit in a small way, which does give him more power. I think that does matter, and we do have a moral responsibility to at least acknowledge that. Of course, in our economic system, we are all guilty of supporting immoral acts financially. Often we don’t have much of a choice. That doesn’t mean we should give up trying to forestall the harm we do. Every individual person must determine how much ability they have to forestall harm — for me, streaming a movie on a site that does not pay the (abusive) creator, or getting a book from a problematic creator out at the library instead of buying it, is a good work around. I think many people are capable of that and should do it. But, I cannot look at your life and determine that you have a responsibility to do so. But I would encourage you, and most people, to examine your consumption habits and see if there are ways for you to enjoy work without financially compensating a living, abusive creator. Not always possible, but often it is.

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