The Senate’s Motion to Proceed on the Healthcare Vote Passed. Here’s what’s next.

The Senate will be debating the health care bill. Here’s what comes next, in 7 brief points:

1. We don’t know which bill it is yet. It could be a repeal plan, it could be the Senate bill, it could be the House bill from months ago.

2. During open debate of the bill, an unlimited number of amendments can be presented, and must be discussed. HAVE DEMOCRATIC SENATORS? Encourage them to “filibuster by amendment”, submitting tons of relevant amendments to slow down the voting process.

3. HAVE REPUBLICAN SENATORS? Call them by dialing (202) 224–3121 and providing your zip code. Tell them to vote NO on the healthcare bill because it will cause millions of Americans to lose healthcare coverage. (This is true for all versions of the bill).

4. Contact your reps using the Contact forms on their websites. This is the second best option if you cannot use the phone.

5. CONTACT FRIENDS AND RELATIVES IN OHIO, WEST VIRGINIA, ARIZONA, AND NEVADA. Ask them to call their Senators at (202) 224–3121. Direct them to for help.

6. STREAM, TWEET, SHARE, ETC about your calls. It empowers and motivates others, and provides useful examples. #phoneactivistlunch and #todayimcalling are hashtags you can use, along with #savetheACA.

7. Can’t call your reps? I WILL CALL FOR YOU. Leave a request here: SHARE THIS FORM FAR AND WIDE.

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