#todayimcalling to fight the expansion of Sinclair Broadcasting

Sinclair Broadcasting’s proposed acquisition of Tribune Media would concentrate a large majority of local news stations, 72 percent nationwide, under a single company with a blatant conservative bias and a history of open favoritism towards Trump and Islamophobia. The FCC wants to bring back an exemption that allows media companies like Sinclair to exceed restrictions on the number of broadcast stations they own.

#todayimcalling the FCC to oppose this. Call the FCC at 1–888-CALL FCC, hit “4” to leave a comment. Here is a script:

Hello, I’m a concerned citizen and I’m calling to voice my opposition to the Sinclair Broadcasting merger with Tribune Media. This merger will result in 70% of local news outlets being owned by a news organization that has a partisan agenda. Sinclair has a longstanding history of misrepresenting information, cherry picking facts, and filtering their choice of stories to cover in order to suit a conservative agenda. A singular voice and perspective should not dominate what information everyday Americans have access to. Thank you.

In addition, I’m filing a comment by hitting the +New Filing option in the grey box on the top left side of the screen: https://www.fcc.gov/ecfs/search/filings…


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Today I’m Calling is a project wherein I post a daily action item and stream myself calling Senators, Reps, and other elected/appointed officials to fight injustice and minimize the harm of the Trump administration. To follow and to watch livestreams of the calls, follow me at facebook.com/erika.price2

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