Very good point! I have equated the media and the public far too much here. I do think, though that the members of the public who do trust victims and care about change are mostly survivors and marginalized folks, and that the groundswell of #metoo motivated other people to start listening and contemplating this stuff more, and to become more sympathetic, at least for a while. A good friend of mine, a cis gay guy who is super progressive and feminist, was absolutely STUNNED by the volume of experiences revealed by #metoo. He had no idea that every woman in his life, and a lot of non-women, have been victims of assault multiple times. So I think that even if he, a man who is truly feminist and truly cares about women and minorities, could be so unaware until #metoo, a lot of other people must have been as well. So in that sense the movement — and it’s backlash — has a real impact on people’s hearts and minds.

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