What a lovely message to receive! Thanks so much for reading — and for deciding to get a Medium membership, the support really helps make it possible for me to keep writing, and it helps so many other awesome writers.

The Autism self-acceptance community has been so helpful to me. Almost every trans person I have befriended in the past 3 or so years has ended up being Autistic or otherwise neuroatypical, too, so it’s been a really happy experience of finding that a lot of the things about myself that I used to hate are actually beautiful and way more common than I realized. If you can, check and see if there is an ASAN (autistic self-advocacy network) chapter in your area, or some other similar meet up group, and check out genderqueer or nonbinary groups in your area if you’d like to find people who share some of your feelings on that front, too. You belong in those spaces as long as you want to be in them and feel comfortable in them, and you are so so far from alone. :)

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