Why I didn’t take any writing workshop classes in school

I like how your work really explores…failure? By, you know, being…bad?

I just. It’s really lovely how poignant your work can be, in how it, you know, is not…good?

I really get a sense of you as a person, and as a writer, when I read this. On account of how um…how do I put it…shitty this piece of writing is.

I think anyone can relate to what you talk about here. Because, like, it sucks, and all of us have sucked at something before.

…I don’t understand this part. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s just me. Something about how it’s, um, you know, incoherent. I don’t know. Something about that makes it make no fucking sense to me. That’s just my…um…personal response. To how bad it is. As a piece of writing.

Your work really reminds me of a lot of writers whom I hate? Because it’s obviously a thinly drawn pastiche of those exact guys? And also Alisa Nutting?

Reading your piece, just, like, inspired me? Because it’s bad? And so like? I feel better? Now?

Originally published at erikadprice.tumblr.com.

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