Yet Another Guide to Moderate Graduate School Success

It is a new academic year, which brings a new spate of fresh-faced little matriculating graduate students who have no idea what all-consuming terror is coming for them. Every year the babies come, and every year I see them make the same few entirely reasonable mistakes.

Ok. Granted, many of these innocent little academia babies are actually 31-year-olds with a decade’s worth of experience in their professional industry of choice, but still. Babies. Drooling big-eyed sacks of hope, ripe and ready to waste a ton of time and lose a ton of sleep on shit that does not matter.

I am a jaded slacker half-asser with a PhD and a job, so I have some advice for all them. Including, perhaps, you.

  1. Don’t read everything assigned in class. Skim. Hell, don’t read anything you don’t have to.

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