You are correct that I also believe a medical model of gender dysphoria is also wrong. My answer to each of your items is this: If an individual autistic person navigates the medical or psychiatric systems to get something beneficial to them, I support it. But access to accommodations and any treatment an autistic person prefers ought not to be gatekept by the medical and psychiatric establishment in the first place.

If an autistic person is able to navigate the medical system and get beneficial treatments and accommodations from it, rather than the stigma, abuse, and dismissiveness that so often comes from interfacing with that system, that is great. But that is not the norm. Many who are deeply impaired by Autism and by ableism are not able to get diagnoses — because they are Black, or women, or afab, or transfem, or impoverished. Many who are diagnosed end up being abused and stigmatized because of it and receive treatment such as ABA, which makes their lives worse.

As a community what we must work toward is a world where all autistics are given what they need, without question, without gatekeeping, and without racist, sexist, transphobic systems of power being used to limit who gets access to resources and who doesn’t. We need a world where the treatment is making society more accessible and sensory friendly and socially relaxed, rather than trying to change who the autistic person fundamentally is.

In a world where we are empowered and do not need perform autism in a way that placates allistic people, we will be free. We will never be treated justly so long as we submit to their rules.

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