You need to listen to the survivors in this comment thread rather than write comforting fiction about how you’d like an assault encounter to go. You are in the position to know the literal least about it; if you haven’t been subjected to it, and grown up under the cloud of it, your opinion is uninformed and likely to be entirely too sunny and simplistic. That doesn’t make you a bad or unintelligent person. But it does mean your job is to listen not speak.

The assault of a woman you care about is not about you and what you’d have someone else do! It’s about what a person determines is the safest possible route in the situation they’re in. Yes, tell your daughter to contact you in bad situations, but also you need to tell her that you support her, and that you know that you don’t understand what it’s like to go through this, and that no matter what happens she is a person of value and strength. There are a thousand reasons why she might determine not to call you, or not to tell you at all if she were attacked. You have to trust that even if she doesn’t follow your advice, which is rooted in ZERO RELEVANT EXPERIENCE, that she is going to make the decisions that are best for her, and that those decisions are worthy of respect.

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