You’ve done a beautiful job of illustrating what prejudices bi people face. Thanks!

  1. Attraction does not have to be proven through past experience or future cheating. It exists independent of these things.
  2. I’m not a woman.
  3. I’m attracted primarily to men and other nonbinary people, as well as some women.
  4. I have kept that attraction very hush-hush because of the bullshit intolerant reactions I get, and never made out with a woman in a bar or for any attention whatsoever.
  5. The violence against bi people is perpetrated mostly by straight partners.
  6. If being bi is so punished by both straight and gay people, why would someone ever do it to seem cool?
  7. Why did you feel the need to send this message?
  8. Why did you think your comments were helpful or insightful?
  9. Why were you on the LGBT tag looking for articles if you think queer people are so reprehensible?
  10. Why is your attention so drawn to this topic?
  11. Why is experiencing attraction greed?
  12. Is there a reason you are jealous of bisexual women? You might want to explore that.

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